Myrcia skeldingii Proctor

Skelding’s Myrcia (Myrcia skeldingii)  

This species was described in 1958 (or 1959?).  

Skelding’s Myrcia is (or was) a 5 m tall tree growing in streamside thickets along the Mason River at the border between the Parishes of Clarendon and Saint Ann in the center of Jamaica.  

The species is easily distinguished from other Jamaican congeners by its subsessile, more or less subcordate, blunt-tipped leaves and its four-lobed calyx. [1]  


The species was not found since 1972 and is most likely extinct.  



[1] George R. Proctor: Further new records of Myrtaceae from Jamaica. Rhodora 60: 323-326. 1958  


edited: 24.03.2017