Dancea bewsheriana (Morelet)

Bewsher’s Plegma Snail (Dancea bewsheriana 

This species was described in 1875.  

The species was endemic to the island of Rodrigues, Mascarene Islands, and is apparently known exclusively from subfossil specimens. [1]  

Bewsher’s Plegma Snail was a quite large species, the shells reached sizes of over 3 cm in diameter.  



[1] Vincent Florens: Mollusques terrestres récoltés dans les grottes de Rodrigues. Bulletin Phaethon 3: 42-43. 1996  


Depiction from: ‘A. Morelet: Appendice à la Conchyliologie de l’île Rodrigues. Journal de Conchyliologie 23: 21-30. 1875’

(public domain) 


edited: 31.10.2017