Neotamias umbrinus ssp. nevadensis (Burt)

Hidden Forest Chipmunk (Neotamias umbrinus ssp. nevadensis 

The Hidden Forest Chipmunk was a subspecies of the Uinta Chipmunk (Neotamias umbrinus (Allen)), that originally was described in 1931 as a subspecies of the Colorado Chipmunk (Neotamias quadrivittatus (Say)).  

The Hidden Forest Chipmunk was restricted to the Hidden Forest in the Sheep Mountains in Clark County, Nevada, USA, where it inhabited areas above 2500 m.  It was last seen in the 1960s and is now considered extinct.  



[1] Janet K. Braun; Aubrey A. Johnson; Michael A. Mares: Tamias umbrinus (Rodentia: Sciuridae). Mammalian Species 43(1): 216-227. 2011  


Uinta Chipmunk (Neotamias umbrinus ssp. adsitus (Allen)) from southwestern Utah, USA

Photo: Tdomhan

(under creative commons license (3.0))


edited: 20.03.2018