Euphorbia hexadenia Denis

Ambovatoby Spurge (Euphorbia hexadenia)

This species was described in 1887, originally as Euphorbia daphnoides Baill., however, this name was already used for another species, so the species was redescribed in 1921.

The species was apparently restricted to the Ambavatoby Bay at the north coast of Madagascar.


Unfortunately I could not found any more information about this species.



[1] Thomas Haevermans; Germinal Rouhan; Wilbert Hetterscheid; Marc Teissier; Karim Belarbi; Xavier Aubriot; Jean-Noël Labat: Chaos revisited: nomenclature and typi fi cation of the Malagasy endemic Euphorbia subgenus Lacanthis  (Raf.) M. G. Gilbert. Adansonia sér 3. 31(2): 279-299. 2009


edited: 23.04.2019