Allenia fusca ssp. atlantica Buden

Barbuda Scaly-breasted Trasher (Allenia fusca ssp. atlantica

The ca. 23 cm large Scaly-breasted Trasher (Allenia fusca (Statius Müller)) was described in 1776, the species is quite widely distributed over the Lesser Antilles where at least five subspecies can be distinguished.

The subspecies discussed here was endemic to the island of Barbuda, it was described as being distinct in 1993.

The biology of the Barbuda Scaly-breasted Trasher is not well known, it apparently was resticted to dry coastal shrublands and mangroves, where it fed on fruits as well as on small animals.

The Barbudan form was last recorded in 1990 and obviously was never seen again since, it is now fearded to be extinct.


The photo below shows the nominate race from the island of Dominica.


syn. Margarops fusca ssp. atlantica (Buden)


Scaly-breasted Trasher (Allenia fusca (Statius Müller)); nominate form

Photo: Postdlf


edited: 18.09.2019