Tainotherium valei Turvey et al.

Taino Hutia (Tainotherium valei 

The Taino Hutia was described in 2006 based of subfossil remains found on the island of Puerto Rico.  

The species has been tentatively assigned to the family Heptaxodontidae but in the absence of any cranial or dental material, its familial relationships must remain conjectural. [1]  



[1] S. T. Turvey; F. V. Grady; P. Rye: A new genus and species of ‘giant hutia’ (Tainotherium valei) from the Quaternary of Puerto Rico: an extinct arboreal quadruped? Journal of Zoology 270(4): 585-594. 2006  


edited: 06.09.2019