Eupithecia pusillata ssp. anglicata (Herrich-Schäffer)

English Juniper Looper (Eupithecia pusillata ssp. anglicata)  

The Juniper Looper (Eupithecia pusillata (Denis & Schiffermüller)) aka. Juniper Pug is distributed over the whole of the nearctic- and palearctic region with the nominate race living in Europe, including the British Isles.  

The form, discussed here, was described as a distinct subspecies, which obviously has always been restricted to only a few places in the English shires of Devon and Staffordshire – the validity of if this form, however, is questionable.  

The English form reached a wingspan of 1,8 to 2 cm, and is considered extinct since about the middle of the 19th century (?).  


Depiction from: ‘Richard South: The moths of the British Isles. London, F. Warne & Co. 1907-09’ 

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edited: 13.09.2020