Naesiotus blombergi (Odhner)

Blomberg’s Galapagos Snail (Naesiotus blombergi)

Blomberg’s Galapagos Snail was described in 1950 (or 1951 according to other sources) based on 12 specimens that were collected 200 to 300 m above sea level on plants, bushes and trees on the Isla Santa Cruz in the Galápagos archipelago. [1]

The species was apparently last seen alive in 1974; it was not found during the most recent field surveys and is feared to be extinct. 



[1] Steven M. Chambers; David W. Steadman: Holocene terrestrial gastropod faunas from Isla Santa Cruz and Isla Floreana, Galápagos: evidence for late Holocene declines. Transactions of the San Diego Society of Natural History 21(6): 89-110. 1986


edited: 01.06.2021