Cassipourea eketensis Baker f.

Eket Cassipourea (Cassipourea eketensis)

The Eket Cassipourea was described in 1914; it is, or maybe was, endemic to Nigeria and is thought to have been closely related to Afzelius’ Cassipourea (Cassipourea afzelii (Oliv.) Alston) (see photo).

The species might be extinct.



[1] F. J. Breteler: Novitates Gabonenses 68. The genus Cassipourea (Rhizophoraceae) in continental tropical Africa with emphasis on Gabon: subgeneric division, identification keys, and description of two new species. Edinburgh Journal of Botany 65(3): 407-424. 2008


Afzelius’ Cassipourea (Cassipourea afzelii)

Photo. Carel Jongkind


edited: 09.08.2022