Myadestes woahensis (Bloxam)

Oahu Thrush (Myadestes woahensis)

The Oahu Thrush, locally known as ‘āmaui, was described in 1899; it was restricted to the island of O’ahu, Hawaiian Islands.

The only record of the species in life comes from the diary of Andrew Bloxam, a naturalist that was on board of the HMS Blonde which anchored off the coast of the island of O’ahu in 1825; he also took the only specimen that apparently still survives until today.:

We soon began to ascend the pass the sun rising at the time amid the chirping of small birds and the melodious notes of a brown thrush, the only songster on the islands.

The Oahu Thrush was never found again since.


syn. Myadestes lanaiensis ssp. woahensis (Bloxam), Phaeornis oahensis Wislon & Evans, Turdus woahensis Bloxam


edited: 17.11.2021