Rana brama Lesson

Braman Frog (Rana brama)

The enigmatic braman Frog is known exclusively from a single illustration (shown here), which, however, may or may not correspond to a specimen that is kept in the National Museum of Natural History in France.

The species is believed to originate from an area somewhere between Bangladesh and India.

The Braman Frog may actually never have existed as a distinct species, however, I’d like to list it here as well, since it’s name often appears in listings of extinct animals. 


Depiction from: ‘H. R. Schinz: Naturgeschichte und Abbildungen der Reptilien: nach den neuesten Systemen. Schaffhausen: Aus Brodtmann’s lithographischer Kunstanstalt 1833’

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edited: 11.05.2019