Coeligena traviesi (Mulsant & Verreaux)

Travie’s Inca (Coeligena traviesi 

This hummingbird form is known only by some ‘Bogota specimens’, that means by specimens that reached Europe via the bird markets of Bogota in Colombia, whose originin, however, remains obscure.

I the case of Travie’s Inca, which is also known as Lilac-fronted- or Lilac-spotted Starfrontlet, this form might actually be a hybrid of the Buff-winged Starfrontlet (Coeligena lutetiae (Delattre & Bourcier)) and the Collared Inka (Coeligena torquata (Boissonneau)). 

However, since this form repeatedly appears in listings of extinct species, it will be mentioned here as well. 


Depiction from: ‚Louis Victor Bevalet; Etienne Mulsant; Edouard Verreaux: Histoire naturelle des oiseaux-mouches, ou, Colibris constituant la famille des trochilidés. Lyon: Au Bureau de la Société Linnéenne, Supplement 1861‘  

(public domain)  


edited: 30.10.2020