Hypena laysanensis (Swezey)

Laysan Owlet Moth (Hypena laysanensis)  

The Laysan Owlet Moth was described in 1913, it was endemic to the island of Laysan in the northwestern part of the Hawaiian island chain, but may also have occurred on the Pearl & Hermes Reef.  

The quite variable species reached a wingspan of about 2,2 to 2,5 cm.  

The caterpillars of this species were found feeding on the leaves of ‘aki ‘aki (Sporobolus virginicus (L.) Kunth). [2]  



[1] Otto H. Swezey: Two new species of moths from Laysan Island. Proceedings of the Hawaiian Entomological Society 3: 18-19. 1913
[2] E. C. Zimmerman: Insects of Hawaii 7, Macrolepidoptera. University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu 1958  


edited: 25.09.2019