Ducula lakeba Worthy

Lakeba Imperial-Pigeon (Ducula lakeba)

The Lakeba Imperial-Pigeon was described based on subfossil bones that had been discovered on the island of Lakeba, Fiji.

The species was larger than any living species of its genus and had somewhat elongated tarsometatarsi, which might indicate that this was rather a ground-dwelling bird, it was, however, not flightless. [1]


This- or a closely and similar species is also known from subfossil remains found on the island of Viti Levu, Fiji. [1]



[1] T. H. Worthy: A giant flightless pigeon gen. et sp. nov. and a new species of Ducula (Aves: Columbidae), from Quaternary deposits in Fiji. Journal of the royal Society of new Zealand 31(4): 763-794. 2001


edited: 14.05.2019