Tarphiophasis tuberculatus Wollaston

Tuberculated Tarphiophasis Beetle (Tarphiophasis tuberculatus)

The Tuberculated Tarphiophasis Beetle was described in 1877; it is, or rather was, endemic to the island of Saint Helena.

The species appears to have already been quite rare when it was discovered.:

The only two examples of this coarsely tuberculated, Tarphius-like insect which I have seen were captured by myself beneath pieces of rotten wood in the Aster-grove beyond West Lodge and overlooking Lufkins, and there can be no doubt that the species is amongst the rarest of the St.-Helena Coleoptera.” [1]


The Tuberculated Tarphiophasis Beetle was not found during the most recent field searches and might very well be extinct.



[1] T. Vernon Wollaston: Coleoptera Sanctae-Helenae. London: John Van Voorst, Paternoster Row 1877


edited: 26.05.2021