Apteribis sp. ‘Lana’i’

Lanai Ibis (Apteribis sp.)  

The Lanai Ibis is a hitherto undescribed form, known from a nearly complete skeleton that was found in a vaulted dry lava tube on the island of Lana’i, Hawaiian Islands.  

The find even was in a very good condition and even included some remains of contour feathers which were used to reconstruct the appearance of the bird in life. The bird was brown-black and ivory-beige resp. light brown colored, and, just like its congeners on the other Maui Nui islands (Maui and Moloka’i), completely flightless. [1]  


References:  [1] C. J. Dove; S. L. Olson: Fossil Feathers from the Hawaiian Flightless Ibis (Apteribis sp.): Plumage coloration and systematics of a prehistorically extinct bird. Journal of Paleontology. 85(5): 892-897. 2011  


edited: 23.03.2018