Anomis vulpicolor (Meyrick)

Fox-colored Owlet Moth (Anomis vulpicolor 

The Fox-colored Owlet Moth was described in 1928.  

The species, which had a wingspan of 4,4 cm, is known from the islands of Hawai’i, Moloka’i, and O’ahu, Hawaiian Islands, but certainly inhabited the islands of Kaua’i and Maui too.  

The caterpillars fed on ‘Ulei (Osteomeles anthyllidifolia (Sm.) Lindl.), a plant species that actually is still very common, even today. [1]  


The Fox-colored Owlet Moth is considered probably extinct since the last records took place sometimes before 1960 [?].  



[1] Elwood C. Zimmerman: Insects of Hawaii 7, Macrolepidoptera. University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu 1958  


edited: 10.04.2018