Dalbergia confertiflora ssp. listeri Thoth

Lister’s Narrow-flowered Dahlbergia (Dalbergia confertiflora ssp. listeri)

Lister’s Narrow-flowered Dahlbergia was described in 1975, it is a large woody climbing plant that is apparently only known from the vicinity of Chittagong, the second-largest city of Bangladesh.

It has never been recorded again after its description and is considered likely extinct.


This variety is not accepted by all botanists and is sometimes treated as a synonym of the nominate form of the Narrow-flowered Dahlbergia (Dalbergia confertiflora Benth.).



[1] M. Atiqur Rahman; M. Enamur Rashid: Status of endemic plants of Bangladesh and conservation management strategies. International Journal of Environment 2(1): 231-249. 2013


edited: 16.05.2021