Calephelis freemani McAlpine

Freeman’s Metalmark (Calephelis freemani 

Freeman’s Metalmark lived in the Davis Mountains in western Texas. The adult butterflies reached a wingspan of 2 to 2,9 cm, their caterpillars obviously fed on the leaves of the Havana Snakeroot (Ageratina havanensis (Kunth) R. M. King & H. Robinson).  

The species was last found in the year 1951 and is considered possibly extinct.  


Freeman’s Metalmark is very similar to Rawson’s Metalmark (Calephelis rawsoni McAlpine) (see photograph), and both species are often treated as conspecific.  


Rawson’s Metalmark (Calephelis rawsoni)  

Photo: Nick Block  

(under creative commons license (4.0)) 


edited: 18.03.2017