Aidemedia lutetiae James & Olson

Maui Nui Gaper (Aidemedia lutetiae 

This species was described in 1991 based on subfossil remains recovered from the Pu’u Makua- and Pu’u Naio Caves on the island of Maui, as well as from the Mo’omomi Dunes on Moloka’i.  

The species reached an estimated size of about 19 cm, it differed from its closest relative/relatives Aidemedia chascax/zanclops James & Olson by its shorter, very straight bill. [1]  


The Maui Nui Gaper was very probably somewhat like a larger version of the so called Greater Amakihi (Viridonia sagittirostris Rotschild) from the island of Hawai’i.  



[1] S. L. Olson; H. F. James: Descriptions of thirty-two new species of birds from the Hawaiian Islands: Part II. Passeriformes. Ornithological Monographs 45: 1-91. 1991  


edited: 24.09.2017