Carelia turricula (Mighels)

Towered Carelia Snail (Carelia turricula)  

This species was described in 1845.  

The Towered Carelia Snail was endemic to the island of Kaua’i, Hawaiian Islands, where it was restricted to a small area around the Hanalei Bay on the northern shore of the island.  

The species was last found in 1953, however, only empty shells were found at that date.  


The Towered Carelia Snail was the largest species of its genus and the largest of all land snails of the Hawaiian Islands. Its shells reached sizes of up to 8,5 cm, they were bright yellow to dark chestnut, with the base being darker, nearly chocolate brown.  

There is also a form, named as Carelia turricula var. newcombi Pfeiffer, whose shells are chestnut-colored with a pale-yellow belt below the peripheral angle and a black base. It is in fact most likely just a color morph. Another form, named as Carelia turricula var obeliscus Reeve, differs somewhat in the sculpture of the shell, it is also not accepted as being distinct.  


Depiction from: ‘George W. Tryon; Henry A. Pilsbry; a.o.: Manual of Conchology. Second series: Pulmonata. Vol 21: Achatinellidae (Amastrinae). 1911′  

(public domain) 


edited: 21.10.2017