Orobrassolis latusoris Penz & Simonsen

Parana Owl Butterfly (Orobrassolis latusoris)  

This species was described in 2011, it is known only from two males that had been collected in 1919 in the state of Paraná, Brazil, and which are now deposited in the Natural History Museum, London.  

The Parana Owl Butterfly reaches a wingspan of 7 cm, it is quite similar to the Ornamented Owl Butterfly (Orobrassolis ornamentalis (Stichel)) (see photo) which again is the only other species in the genus. It differs by the more robust, darker brown dorsal bands on its hindwings, and by subtle differences in male genitalic structures.  

The female is unknown. [1]  



[1] C. M. Penz; T. J. Simonsen; P. J. Devries: A new Orobrassolis butterfly (Nymphalidae, Brassolini): a casualty of habitat destruction? Zootaxa 2740: 35–43. 2011  


Ornamented Owl Butterfly (Orobrassolis ornamentalis)

Photo from: ‘Carla Maria Penz; Neda Mohammadi: Wing pattern diversity in Brassolini butterflies (Nymphalidae, Satyrinae). Biota Neotropica 13(3): 154-180. 2013’  



edited: 02.09.2019