Hirasea planulata Pilsbry & Hirase

Planulate Hirasea Snail (Hirasea planulata) 

The Planulate Hirasea Snail was described in 1903, it is or was endemic to the island of Hahajima in the Ogasawara Islands of Japan.

The shells reach sizes of about 0,18 cm in heigth and about 0,32 cm in diameter, they are yellowish brown, dull and very densely, very finely radially striatea above, becoming smooth and glossy beneath. [1]



[1] H. A. Pilsbry; Y. Hirase: Notices of new Japanese land shells. The Nautilus 17(4): 44-46. 1903


Depiction from: ‘The Conchological Magazine 1907’

(public domain)


edited: 11.05.2019