Philonesia weisleri Preece

Weisler’s Philonesia Snail (Philonesia weisleri)

This species was described in 1998.  

The species was endemic to Henderson Island, Pitcairn Islands, and is so far known exclusively from the unique holotype that was found during excavations at Henderson Island’s northern beach.  

The sole known shell reaches a height of about 0,71 cm and a diameter of about 0,83 cm.  

Weisler’s Philonesia Snail was closely related to the Pyramid-shaped Philonesia Snail (Philonesia pyramidalis Preece), but differs from this species by its smaller size, the subglobose shape and the more rounded whorl profile, and by the less flattened, more evenly rounded base of the shell. [1]  



[1] R. C. Preece: Impact of early Polynesian occupation on the land snail fauna of Henderson Island, Pitcairn group (South Pacific). Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B 353: 347-368. 1998  


edited: 25.10.2017