Zonites siphnicus Fuchs & Käufel

Sifnos Glass Snail (Zonites siphnicus)

This species, which was described in 1936, is apparently only known by subfossil remains which apparently were recovered from three of the Cyclades Islands, Folegandros, Sifnos as well as Sikinos; each island might have had its own endemic subspecies. [1]

It is, however, surprisingly difficult to find more information about this species. 



[1] Adolf Riedel: Revision der Gattung Zonites Montfort (Gastropoda, Zonitidae): türkische Arten. Nebst Ergänzungen und Verzeichnis aller Zonites-Arten. Annales Zoologici 41(1): 1-51. 1987


edited: 01.10.2020