Amastra rugulosa ssp. rugulosa Pease

Rugulose Amastra Snail (Amastra rugulosa ssp. rugulosa)  

This species was described in 1870.  

The Rugulose Amastra Snail was endemic to the Kawaihau and Lihue Districts in eastern Kaua’i, Hawaiian Islands.  


The species may be split into five subspecies, which are or are not valid, these are.:  

Amastra rugulosa ssp. annosa Cooke 
Amastra rugulosa ssp. fastigata Cooke 
Amastra rugulosa ssp. janeae Cooke 
Amastra rugulosa ssp. normalis Cooke 
Amastra rugulosa ssp. rugulosa Pease 


The species, which was quite abundant in former times, appears to have declined already in pre-European times. [1]  



[1] David A. Burney; Helen F. James; Lida Pigott Burney; Storrs L. Olson; William Kikuchi; Warren L. Wagner; Mara Burney; Deirdre McCloskey; Delores Kikuchi, Frederick V. Grady, Reginald Gage II; Robert Nishek: Fossil evidence for a diverse biota from Kaua’i and its transformation since human arrival. Ecological Monographs 7(14): 615-641. 2001  


Photo: Phil Liff-Grieff

(under creative commons license (4.0))


edited: 20.04.2019