Icaricia saepiolus ssp. aureolus (Emmel, Emmel & Matoon)

Golden Greenish Blue (Icaricia saepiolus ssp. aureolus)

This taxon, described in 1998, was restricted to a wet meadow near the Big Pines Ranger station in Big Pines in the San Gabriel Mountains in the Los Angeles County of California, USA.

The Golden Greenish Blue differs from other subspecies by the extensive golden orange scaling on the dorsal surface of the females.

The sole known population disappeared due to development at its only known colony site.


Grenish Blue (Icaricia saepilous); undefined subspecies

Photo: Cin-Ty Lee



[1] Ken Davenport: Lepidoptera of North America 15: Butterflies of southern California in 2018: updating Emmel and Emmel’s 1973 Buterflis of southern California. Contributions of the C. P. Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity, Colorado State University 2018


edited: 02.02.2024