Stonasla undulata White

Undulated Hopper (Stonasla undulata)

The Undulated Hopper is endemic to the island of Saint Helena; it was originally found in the remaining native vegetation at Casons, more or less in the center of the island.

The species was adapted to the endemic Dogwood tree (Nesohedyotis arborea (Roxb.) Bremek.).

It reaches a length of 0,8 to 0,9 cm and is yellowish green colored, its hemelytra bear some undulated darker stripes.

The species was not found during the latest field searches and might indeed be already extinct. [1] 



[1] Howard Mendel; Philip Ashmole; Myrtle Ashmole: Invertebrates of the Central Peaks and Peak Dale, St. Helena. Report for the St Helena National Trust, Jamestown 2008


Photo: Tristan Bantock; The Natural History Museum

(under creative commons license (2.0))


edited: 25.05.2021