Gambiodonta grandis Cooke & Solem

Large Gambiodonta Snail (Gambiodonta grandis)

The Large Gambiodonta Snail was described in 1976 (together with all other members of its genus), it is known from 259 specimens collected in 1934, 32 from the islet of Agakauitai and 227 from Aukena Islet, Gambier Islands.

The Large Gambiodonta Snail was the largest member of its genus known so far, the shell of the holotype reached 0,85 cm in heigth and 1,18 cm in diameter. [1]


The whole genus apparently disappeared shortly after the arrival of the first Polynesians on the Gambier Islands. 



[1] Alan Solem: Endodontoid land snails from Pacific Islands (Mollusca: Pulmonata: Sigmurethra). Part I, Family Endodontidae. Field Museum of Natural History Chicago, Illinois 1976


edited: 19.04.2019