Myoporum rimatarense F. Br.

Rimatara Myoporum (Myoporum rimatarense)  

This species, described in 1935, is known only from the type, collected at the beach near the village of Amaru on the island of Rimatara in the Austral Archipelago.  

The material is sufficient enough to prove that this is indeed a distinct species that differs from the other two Myoporum species that are known to occur on the Austral Archipelago (Myoporum rapense F. Br. and Myoporum stokesii F. Br.).  

The species is considered extinct. [1]  



[1] R. J. Chinnock: Eremophila and Allied Genera: A Monograph of the Plant Family Myoporaceae. Rosenberg Pub. 2007  


edited: 23.09.2017