Alasmidonta wrightiana (Walker)

Ochlockonee Arcmussel (Alasmidonta wrightiana)  

The Ochlockonee Arcmussel was scientifically described in the year 1901.  

The species lived exclusively in the Ochlockonee River in Florida, where it occurred obviously at only two places (Specimens, that were found in the Flint River in the Upson County in Georgia, were later identified as Southern Elktoes (Alasmidonta triangulata (Lea)).).  

The habitat of the mussel was destroyed when in the year 1927 a dam was build to impound the Ochlockonee River for power production, and when the sections of the river, in which the species lived, were inundated thereby.  

The last members of this species were found in the year 1931.  


The former habitat of this species does not exist any more, it has been replaced by today’s Lake Talquin.  


edited: 23.09.2017