Myrsine sp. ‘Rapa Nui’

Rapa Nui Myrsine (Myrsine sp.)

This form is known from charcoal remains that were recovered from deposits on Easter Island. [1]

The genus Myrsine contains an unknown [to me] number of species, with at least 70 species, subspecies and varieties occurring in the Polynesian region. The closest place to Rapa Nui still harboring endemic species are the Pitcairn Islands, which are the home of two endemic species, Hosaka’s Myrsine (Myrsine hosakae H. St. John) on Henderson Island as well as a still undescribed [?] species on Pitcairn Island. 



[1] Terry L. Hunt: Rethinking Easter Island’s ecological catastrophe. Journal of Archaeological Science 34: 485-502. 2007


edited: 22.06.2020