Pampusana johannae ssp. admiralitatis (Rothschild & E. J. O. Hartert)

Admiralty Islands Bronze Ground Dove (Pampusana johannae ssp. admiralitatis)

The Admiralty Islands Bronze Ground Dove is a subspecies of the Eastern Ground Dove (Pampusana johannae (P. L. Sclater)) restricted to the Admiralty Islands north of eastern Papua New Guinea; it is sometimes assigned as a subspecies to the Western Bronze Ground Dove (Pampusana beccarii (Salvadori)) (see depiction).

This form is thought to be extinct.


Solomon Bronze Ground-Dove (Pampusana johannae ssp. solomonensis (Ogilvie-Grant)); below, together with Western Bronze Ground Dove (Pampusana beccarii (Salvadori)); above 

Depiction from: Catalogue of the birds in the British Museum. London 21. 1893

(public domain)


edited: 10.11.2020