Pseudolibera parva Sartori, Gargominy & Fontaine

Small Pseudolibera Snail (Pseudolibera parva)

The Small Pseudolibera Snail was described in 2014, it is known from 44 specimens that were collected from the base of a limestone cliff on the island of Makatea in the Tuamotu Archipelago.

This is the smallest of the species within its genus, the shells reach sizes of less than 0,5 cm, they are depressed, white and are decorated with regularely spaced amber- to maroon-colored flammulations that quickly fade out on the shell base, the first two to three whorls, in addition to the flammulations, often show a fawn background coloration. [1]



[1] A. F. Sartori; O. Gargominy; B. Fontaine: Radiation and decline of endodontid land snails in Makatea, French Polynesia. Zootaxa 3772(1): 1–68. 2014


edited: 13.06.2020