Microcystis kondoi Baker

Kondo‘s Microcystis-Schnecke (Microcystis kondoi 

This species, described in 1938, is endemic to the island of Tubuai, Austral Islands in French Polynesia. [1]  

The species was not found during recent searches and is thought to be extinct. [2]  



[1] H. Burrington Baker: Zonitid snails from Pacific Islands: Southern genera of Microcystinae. Bishop Museum Bulletins 158: 1-101. 1938 
[2] Olivier Gargominy; Benoît Fontaine: A Global Overview of the Terrestrial and Freshwater Molluscs. In: Jean-Yves Meyer; Elin. M. Claridge: Biodiversity of the Austral Islands, French Polynesia. Muséum national d´Histoire naturelle, Paris. 55-91. 2014  


edited: 22.03.2018