Falsipyrgula beysehirana (Schütt)

Beysehir Freshwater Snail (Falsipyrgula beysehirana)

The Beysehir Freshwater Snail was described in 1965; it is known from the Lake Beyşehir in the vicinity of Beyşehir, a municipality in the Konya Province of Turkey.

The shell is tower-shaped and conical, elongated and pointed, rather solid, pale, with seven slowly and regularly increasing whorls, the first two to three whorls being slightly convex and the others almost straight in outline. [1]

The species’ name appears in a list of extinct Gastropoda, yet I could not find any additional information. [2]


syn. Falsipyrgula pfeiferi ssp. beysehirana (Schütt), Xestopyrgula pfeiferi ssp. beysehirana Schütt



[1] Pavle Radoman: On the relations of some freshwater Mollusca of the Balkan Peninsula and Asia Minor. Basteria 37: 77-84. 1973
[2] Robert H. Cowie; Claire Régnier; Benoît Fontaine; Philippe Bouchet. Measuring the Sixth Extinction: what do mollusks tell us? The Nautilus 131(1): 3-41. 2017


edited: 15.01.2024