Bembidion rufosuffusus Wollaston

Reddish-tinged Bembidion Ground Beetle (Bembidion rufosuffusus)

The Reddish-tinged Bembidion Ground Beetle was described in 1877; it is, or maybe was, restricted to the island of Saint Helena. 

Like its immediate allies, this little Bembidium is of great rarity, and confined (so far as I have observed) to the high central ridge,  – where it occurs generally (though not always) beneath the moist stems of the rotten tree ferns about Diana’s Peak and Actaeon.” [1]


The species appears to have not been relocated during the most recent field studies and is thus believed to be possibly extinct.



[1] T. Vernon Wollaston: Coleoptera Sanctae-Helenae. London: John Van Voorst, Paternoster Row 1877


Photo: David Maddison


edited: 30.05.2021