Conozoa hyalina (McNeill)

Central Valley Grasshopper (Conozoa hyalina)

The Central Valley Grasshopper was described in 1901; it is known from only four areas in the Central Valley in California, USA.

Robust, pale testaceous, almost plain, with a few scattered spots in the middle of the tegmina occupying the usual position of the fuscous bands; anterior and posterior fields plain except for exceedingly faint spots near the base.

Length of body, female, 30 mm.; length of tegmina, 30 mm.; length of posterior femora, 18 mm.

….” [1]

The species has not been found since 1953 and is believed to be extinct.


syn. Trimerotropis hyalina McNeill



[1] Jerome McNeill: Revision of the orthopteran genus Trimerotropis. Proceedings of the United States National Museum 23(1215): 393-449. 1901


edited: 19.08.2022