Boninena hataii Habe

Hatai’s Boninea Snail (Boninena hataii)

Hatai’s Boninea Snail was described in 1973 on the basis of (sub)fossil shells that were recovered from deposits on the island of Minaijima in the Ogasawara archipelago, Japan.

The shells reach heights of about 1.3 cm; they are light brown, fusiform in shape with a highly conical spire of seven whorls and differ from those of their living relatives by being solid with a conical elevated spire and a large blunt apex. [1]

The species very likely disappeared before any humans set foot on the island caused by naturally occurring climatic changes.



[1] Tadashige Habe: Fossil land snails from Minami-jima, Bonin Islands. Science Reports of the Tohoku University, Special Volume 6 (Hatai Memorial Volume): 51-53. 1973


edited: 27.02.2024