Vepris bali Cheek

Bali Ngemba Vepris (Vepris bali)

The Bali Ngemba Vepris was just described in 2018, it is known from a specimen that had been collected in 1951 in the Bali Ngemba Forest Reserve, a remnant of submontane cloud forest on the Bamenda Highlands in Cameroon.

The species was not found despite targeted searches by botanists and is believed to be already extinct. [1]



[1] M. Cheek; G. Gosline; J.-M. Onana: Vepris bali (Rutaceae), a new critically endangered (possibly extinct) cloud forest tree species from Bali Ngemba, Cameroon. Willdenowia. 48(2): 285 – 292. 2018


edited: 04.10.2020