Vinodolia lacustris (Radoman)

Lake Prespa Mudsnail (Vinodolia lacustris)

The Lake Prespa Mudsnail was described in 1973, it was apparently endemic to Lake Prespa, an quite ancient lake that is located between Albania, Greece, and Macedonia.

There are no recent records of this species and it is believed to be possibly extinct.


Another species of that genus, which was also presumed extinct, was rediscovered in 2013. [1] 



[1] Magdalena Szarowska; Sebastian Hofman; Andrzej Falinokski: Vinodolia fiumana Radoman, 1973 (Caenogastropoda: Rissoidea): rediscovery and relationships of a species presumed extinct. Folia Malacologica 21(3): 135-142. 2013


edited: 24.10.2020