Graphium aurivilliusi Seeldrayers

Albertine Rift Butterfly (Graphium aurivilliusi)

The Albertine Rift Butterfly was described in 1896, it is known only by the type series that apparently consists of at least two male specimens.

This species was found somewhere in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, an exact locality seems not to be known.

The Albertine Rift Butterfly reaches a wingspan of 7,5 cm; the winds are blackish-brown with green-tinged white markings forming large, interrupted bands on the fore- and the hindwings. [1]

The species was never found again since its description and is possibly extinct.



[1] N. Mark Collins; Michael G. Morris:  Threatened swallowtail butterflies of the World: The IUCN Red Data Book. Intl Union for Conservation of. 1985


Depiction from: ‘E. Seeldrayers: Lépidoptères noveaux du Congo. Annales de la Société entomologique de Belgique 40: 499-505. 1896’

(public domain)


edited: 11.10.2020