Tryonia julimesensis Hershler, H. P. Liu & Landye

Julimes Tryonia (Tryonia julimesensis)

The Julimes Tryonia was discovered in 1991 and subsequently described in 2011.

The species was endemic to its type locality, a warm spring complex along the east side of the Río Conchos, where it formerly was very abundantly found in water with a temperature of about 44°C on hard substrate and in detritus which it apparently also fed upon.

The shells eached sizes of about 0,2 cm.

The only known habitat of the Julimes Tryonia was found excavated and draglined in 2001, no individual could be detected and the species is presumed extinct. [1]



[1] Robert Hershler; Hsiu-Ping Liu; J. Jerry Landeye: New species and records of springsnails (Caenogastropoda: Cochliopidae: Tryonia) from the Chihuahuan Desert (Mexico and United States), an imperiled biodiversity hotspot. Zootaxa 3001: 1-32. 2011


edited: 02.05.2019