Microgale macpheei Goodman, Vasey & Burney

MacPhee’s Shrew Tenrec (Microgale macpheei)

This species is known only from subfossil remains that were recovered from deposits from the Andrahomana cave in southeast Madagascar.

The remains can be dated to an age of about 3000 years.


The photo below shows another species from the same genus, the Short-tailed Shrew Tenrec (Microgale brevicaudata G. Grandidier) from northern and northwestern Madagascar.



[1] S. M. Goodman; N. Vasey; D. A. Burney: Description of a new species of subfossil shrew tenrec (Afrosoricida: Tenrecidae: Microgale) from cave deposits in southeastern Madagascar. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 120(4): 367-376. 2007


Short-tailed Shrew Tenrec (Microgale brevicaudata)

Photo: Dr. Mark D. Scherz


edited: 25.04.2021