Toxostoma guttatum (Ridgway)

Cozumel Thrasher (Toxostoma guttatum)

The Cozumel Thrasher is, or rather was, endemic to Cozumel Island offshore the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico.

The species reaches a length of about 21 to 24 cm.

The Cozumel Thrasher’s population was declining due to habitat destruction, when several hurricanes hit the island, leading to a further decreasing in numbers; the species was thought to have gone extinct when in 2004 it was rediscovered, only to apparently getting completely wiped out by subsequent hurricanes. It is now most likely extinct.


syn. Harporhynchus guttatus Ridgway


Photo: Naturalis Biodiversity Center  

(public domain)


edited: 22.08.2022