Bembidion trechoides Wollaston

Trechus-like Bembidion Ground Beetle (Bembidion trechoides)

The Trechus-like Bembidion Ground Beetle was described in 1877; it is, or rather was, restricted to the island of Saint Helena in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.:

It is only on the lofty central ridge that I have observed the B. trechoides, – where, however, in damp places generally, amongst the cabbage trees and tree ferns, it is not particularly uncommon, on the densely-covered slopes about Actaeon and Diana’s Peak; but I did not meet with it in the more western and rather less elevated parts towards High Peak and West Lodge, where the B. sublimbatum would seem to occur.” [1]


The species was apparently not found during the latest field searches and might be extinct.



[1] T. Vernon Wollaston: Coleoptera Sanctae-Helenae. London: John Van Voorst, Paternoster Row 1877


Photo: The Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London

(under creative commons license (4.0))


edited: 30.05.2021