Omoadiphas cannula McCranie & Cruz-Díaz

Agalta Fossorial Snake (Omoadiphas cannula)

This species, placed in a small genus with three species that all are endemic to Honduras, was described in 2010; it is known from two specimens that had been collected in 1989 in the Parque Nacional de la Sierra de Agalta in eastern central Honduras.
The species reaches a length of only about 36 cm and appears to be semi-fossorial that means it may spend much time hidden in a burrow of some kind.

The type locality of this species has subsequently been converted into a coffee plantation and, having never been found since the type collection, it might well be already extinct now.


The photo below shows another one of the three known species in this genus, the Omoa Fossorial Snake (Omoadiphas aurula G. Köhler, Wilson & McCranie).


Omoa Fossorial Snake (Omoadiphas aurula)

Photo: Josue Ramos Galdamez 


edited: 22.01.2024