Thelypteris gardneri (Holtrum) Panigrahi

Gardner’s Maiden Fern (Thelypteris gardneri)

Gardner’s Maiden Fern is endemic to the island of Sri Lanka where it is known from only a single locality in the Hantane Mountain range in the Kandy District.

The species was only ever found once in the middle of the 19th century and appears to be extinct now. [1]



[1] R. H. G. Ranil; C. R. Fraser-Jenkins; D. K. N. G. Pushpakumara; D. S. A. Wijesundara; B. S. Parris: The endemic pteridophyte flora of Sri Lanka: Taxonomy, geographical distribution and conservation status. Indian Fern Journal 33: 1-36. 2016


edited: 21.09.2020