Kleokyphus hypsus Solem

Aloft Kleokyphus Snail (Kleokyphus hypsus)

This species was described in 1976, originally on the basis of a single, quite worn specimen that was found in 1955 on the island of Makatea in the Tuamotu Archipelago.

The shells reach sizes of less than 0.7 cm in diameter; they are robust, opaque, subdepressed and white bearing regularly spaced, amber-colored flammulations which are usually stronger apically than on the body whorl, fading out on the shell’s base.


syn. Libera gregaria Garrett


Photo: A. Sartori



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[2] André F Sartori; Olivier Gargominy; Benoît Fontaine: radiation and decline of endodontid land snails in Makatea, French Polynesia. Zootaxa 3772: 1-68. 2014


edited: 14.03.2024