Glabrennea silhouettensis (Verdcourt)

Silhouette Glabrennea Snail (Glabrenna silhouettensis)

The Silhouette Glabrennea Snail was described in 1994, it restricted to a very small area on Mt. Dauban on the island of Silhouette, Seychelles Islands, when it was discovered in 1990.

The species apparently was an inhabitant of leaf litter.

The Silhouette Glabrennea Snail was only ever found at its type locality, once in 1990, and a for second time one year later in 1991, when its population was already declining. All subsequent searches (2000, 2009, 2010) at the type locality and other suitable areas failed to find the species again which thus is considered extinct. [1]



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edited: 26.11.2018